Will You Ever Buy A DSLR Or Compact Systems Camera?

Will You Ever Buy A DSLR Or Compact Systems Camera?

Most people when introduced to photography start out taking photographs of their friends and family at social gatherings and events. It’s not surprising to learn most of us are using a point and shoot camera, or perhaps a smart phone simply because of its size and convenience.  If you like a camera that is slim by design and one that fits in your pocket it maybe hard to convince you a DSLR or Compact System will ever be for you!

DSLR Or Compact Systems Camera

Let’s face it you’ll need a dedicated camera bag, a host of accompanying accessories to complete your photography kit, not to mention you will need some basic knowledge of photography to get the best out of these larger cameras.

But the answer is simple;

Once you have been bitten by the shutterbug you will consider buying a DSLR camera because they has so much more to offer in creativity and picture quality.

Owning a DSLR camera has other benefits too.

With it’s extra features and capabilities, you will have complete control of your camera, it will allow you to create images with consistency in all conditions. And consistency my friends is the yardstick our friends use to gauge our worth as a photographer.

Being able to repeat confidently that wispy waterfall shot or simply take blur free images at your children’s sporting events each week will soon give you a sense of mastery over the camera and the craft of photography.



Finally, a DSLR has the ability to produce images with a much broader exposure latitude, better colour balance, contrast and low light performance when compared to their small compact cousins. This means a bright sky doesn’t loose details in the cloud formations; as will it mean too the shadows have detail also. Most smaller cameras and phone cameras often have block black areas with very little detail if any in shadows. This is all due to the large image sensor size found in these larger cameras.

By default having larger size imaging sensors, DSLR and Compact System cameras come standard with what most would consider to be excellent picture quality.

But that doesn’t mean it’s any less confusing when you first start to investigate the various models on offer, especially when you notice that even within the manufactures own model range there are many cameras that have an identical sensor size and number of megapixels but priced hundreds of dollars apart.

This is why it is important to understand that you are rarely spending more money to buy one camera over another because it produces drastically better image quality. The truth is you would be choosing to spend more money to get the camera with the features that will allow you to capture the images you are intending to take easier with the right tool in your hand.

For Example

Both with 20 megapixels each, the Canon 7D Mk ll and Canon 70D are vastly different cameras. The Canon 7D Mk ll will boast a fast 11 frames per second suitable for sports and wildlife photographers, while the Canon 70D includes features like WI-FI file transfer to smart phones or tablets devices.

A simple feature like this makes the 70D the right choice for holiday makers insisting on image quality while keeping them in touch with family and friends via their facebook feed up loading images as they travel.

Another example is the Nikon D3300 and D7200 cameras, both share the same image sensor, however the feature of wireless and remote flash firing abilities on the D7200 will appeal to the portrait photographer making off camera flash easy and uncomplicated.

These price variations will also be related to the movie recording features you will find on these new cameras. Yes almost all models now will record movie, but specific models will allow you to adjust features like the recording frame rate, onboard sound clipping and access to attach microphones or headphones. These features will appeal to short filmmakers or those wanting a true hybrid device.

Before you do a comparison based megapixels and price you need to first decide what it is you are looking for out of a DSLR or advance Compact Systems camera.

Take a visit a specialty camera retailer such as Ted’s Cameras Stores and together with trained professional staff you will determine the kind of photography you will do most likely be doing learn which manufacturer offers the model of camera that will improve your photography experience.

One thing is for certain, you won’t regret moving up to a DSLR camera.