Wedding Photographer Prices

Wedding Photographer Prices

Wedding photography is a service needed by all couples getting married

Wedding photography is a service needed by all couples getting married, regardless of the season when their wedding takes place. Although a basic wedding photography package is around $1000, and a premium one, around $5000, wedding photographers also offer customized packages for their customers, because not all of them desire the same things.

For example, a couple could desire to receive only high-resolution images, not prints, so they could exclude prints from their package, and instead of 100 high-resolution images (normally included in the package), to receive 130 images (because they freely gave up to receiving prints as well).

Wedding photo series

Wedding photography is a service needed by all couples getting married,

Wedding photography packages

Wedding photography packages are personalized by wedding photographers to show their customers that they are flexible and cannot afford to lose their clients. After all, if the photographer does not comply with the happy couple’s requirements, he or she would not benefit of all the advantages of shooting a wedding; after delivering the wedding photos, the photographer could hear that their clients had not been satisfied with their result. So in order to avoid creating a negative image around themselves, photographers should be as flexible as they can, and create customized photography packages, to fit any desire and budget.

Here a the prices of the wedding photographer

Wedding photography packages

In case the wedding photography session…..

In case the wedding photography session takes place somewhere in a distant city, to the wedding photography cost, the wedding photographer will add the transport cost, that has to be covered by the happy couple. In this situation, the photo shoot could be more expensive as well, because it does not take place in the city that the photographer knows very well, but in another location. And because every photographer wants his/her pictures to turn out all right, he/she would have to wander around the new city for several hours, in order to get accustomed and discover the best spots for taking some wedding photos. And this takes time, and money.

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