Wedding Photographer In Maui

Wedding Photographer In Maui

celebrate their wedding

Maui is an idyllic place, selected by many couples each year as the spot where they will celebrate their wedding, and then spend their honeymoon. In terms of exotic places, there is nothing like Maui; there, couples can simply lounge in the sun, can explore the island and its surroundings, can practice all sorts of activities that otherwise are difficult to undertake (like swimming with dolphins, snorkeling great for seeing the wildlife underwater, ziplining and many others), can enjoy tasty foods and drinks and take loads of photos.

celebrate their wedding

wedding photographers

In Maui, there are many wedding photographers, and today we recommend 2 of them. The first one is Behind The Lens Maui, found at 75 Waiaka Lane Apt 102. This is one of the best studio agencies in Maui, where only professional photographers work. These photographers are very attentive to what an engaged couple tells them, respecting 100% their desires. They also offer engaged couple tips on things to do in Maui and places to eat. So, besides being photographers, they are also Maui photographers

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essence of photography

Tamiz Photography is our second option for today. Tamiz believes that ‘love conquers all’ and ‘the essence of photography is capturing glimpses of God’s love for us’. She considers herself blessed with the art of photography. Although her name seems not English, Tamiz is actually an American woman, known better under the name of Rebecca. Tamiz is her Indian middle name, given by her grandma, Aji. ‘Tamiz’ means ‘decorum’ or ‘discretion’ in Indian. The photo packages offered by Tamiz Photography start at $4800 and include 6 hours of photography coverage on the day of the wedding, 2 photographers with different perspectives, an online gallery to share photos with friends and family members, hundreds of images on DVD and many others.essence of photography

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