Wedding Magnets

Wedding Magnets

Wedding magnets – Thanking Your Guests!

Wedding magnets are the new way to thank your guests for gracing your wedding occasion. Unlike in the previous days when wedding favors would be limited to almonds or small boxes of chocolate, there is a lot of creativity and sophistication in modern days.


In case you might not be aware, wedding favors are the small gifts that the bride and groom give to their invited guests as a symbol of appreciation for sparing their time to join them as they exchange vows. Today, this practice of giving wedding favors has become very popular among most wedding planners.

Best ways of organizining your wedding

It is in respect to these new developments that wedding magnets have found their way in most modern weddings.

Wedding magnets

Wedding magnets are a simple way of appreciation, but one that creates a big impression in the minds of your guests.

photo editing software

With a little creativity, you can use a computer together with some photo editing software to create one of the most compelling wedding favor magnets. You can visit craft stores to acquire the magnet kits of your choice. Similarly, you can also order for wedding magnets online as you are only required to send your photo and the rest will be done.

How to organize the best wedding

If you have no idea of how you can develop creative wedding magnets, here are some few ideas. Firstly, you can go the simple way by just scripting a thank you message in attractive font.

message with your photo

You can go a step forward and accompany the thank you message with your photo.