Wedding Gown Preservation

Wedding Gown Preservation

The art of wedding gown preservation involves a number of components, procedures, and precautions as well. A combination of the right steps of storage, proper material, and a few precautions ensures that you reap both social as well as financial benefits from your wedding dress.

How to preserve your Wedding Gown

This is the main reason why the practice of wedding gown preservation has continued to gain popularity and elicited a lot of interest as days go by.

Among the most important components of successful wedding gown preservation is acid free paper.

special paper

This special paper is used to fill bodices in a bid to protect the wedding gown form creases and wrinkles during storage. If you do not have enough money to buy the acid free paper, you can use unbuffered tissue paper as a possible replacement.

Wrap the gown lightly and store it an acid free box or better still, a Tyvek bag. Use acid free tissue which is soft and free from any traits of lignin. The other process after wrapping the wedding gown is to line the acid free box with the tissue. This is basically the first step in wedding gown preservation.

storage of the gown

The final and ultimate procedure in wedding gown preservation is the actual storage of the gown in the box. Begin by stuffing the sleeves of the gown into the box. Press the bust, which has already been covered with the tissue into the box as well. The last part should be the free-hanging bottom part of the gown.

gown preservation

This may be in folded sections or in layers. The last step in proper wedding gown preservation is gently closing the box and ensuring that it is tightly locked to avoid light, moisture or any other destructive substance from accessing your gown.

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