Wedding day can be considered as one of the most expensive and significant day of our life

Wedding Etiquette- Who Should Be Paying For What?

Wedding day can be considered as one of the most expensive and significant day of our life

Wedding day can be considered as one of the most expensive and significant day of our life – The total expense is only comparable with events like buying a brand new car or a house to live on. As it’s a matter of great expense you must be well learned about the weeding etiquettes to figure out your wedding budget and plan accordingly. Let’s begin with learning about the traditions of wedding etiquettes and how these traditions are work in recent days.

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Traditions Maintained As Wedding Etiquette:

According to the traditions, the father of the bride is considered responsible for the most, if not the total cost of the wedding day. But the contemporary trends are more inclined toward the cost sharing with groom’s parents and other family members as well. The fact is there are no form rules when it comes to who pays for what – the whole thing can depend on your age, financial status and upbringing. Now-a-days it’s quite common for the parents of the groom to get involved in the planning and budgeting of the big day. If the couples are got well paid careers then it’s more likely that they will want to contribute in the expenses too. Many older couples can be found who are getting married lately or the second time, already have ample money and contributes willingly in the wedding ceremony.

The Expenses Carried By Bride’s Family:

If you are looking forward a traditional wedding, the parents of the bride are expected to pay for the ceremonial arrangement and the reception cost which is undoubtedly the largest portion of the overall budget. This will include additional costs like food and drink, decorations, music, photography/videographer, although in some cases these expenses are covered by other family members. As the big day proceeds, others components become a necessity such as invitations, thank you notes or programs which are traditionally ordered and paid by the parents of the bride. The wedding ring for the groom is bought by the bride’s family. And of course, paying for the other important dress required for the ceremony like the formal wear of bride’s parents is also paid by bride’s family members.

The Payments Made By Groom’s Family:

According to the etiquettes of traditional wedding, the groom’s family performs some responsibilities to get actively involved in the wedding planning. The groom’s parents generally pays for their own formal wear for the weeding as well as the clothing of groom and his best man. The groom’s family is also considered responsible for other miscellaneous expenses like the licensing of marriage ceremony and the associates fess, the engagement party and the rehearsal dinner. And the groom pays for the most lasting and significant reminders of any wedding i.e. the bride’s engagement and wedding ring.

Arrangements Performed By Other Family Members:

Other members attending the ceremony also help to make the wedding arrangements a successful one by performing their own parts. According to the contemporary traditions, the bachelor party is arranged by the best man of groom and he is also considered responsible for the safekeeping of grooms ring. Attendants generally pay for the wedding gifts, their own clothes and sometimes offer a place to stay or transportation to the out of town guests. In case of ushers of the wedding, they are responsible for their own clothes and transportation as well.

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Miscellaneous Expenses:

There are some expenses which are mostly shared by the both families which include the dresses required for bridesmaids, formal wear of ushers and the best man, bouquets etc. Thank you gifts for parents, friends or anyone else who got involved in the planning are expected to be bought by the couple themselves.

The Final Phase of Wedding – Honeymoon Expenses

When it comes to honeymoon, you should keep in mind that an exotic and elaborate arrangement will cost pretty high. Traditionally the expenses are paid by the groom but in recent trends the idea of “honeymoon registry” is becoming more popular to all. The concept is identical to the gift registry except the guests pay for different expenses of honeymoon i.e. airfare, limo services, other extra expenses like drink, meals, flowers etc. instead of buying gifts. This is obviously a great idea if the couple already got a home and other accessories along it.

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Wedding ceremony is an occasion where both the families of bride and groom get involved to share and care. It’s the very occasion of our life when two hearts get united in holy bond with the promise of living their lives together for rest of the life.  And a dream wedding ceremony will give you thousands of sweet memories to reminisce in the days ahead which can be done by going through the proper etiquettes that is appropriate for the occasion.

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