Seaside nuptials have become so popular today that only traditional couples

Seaside nuptials have become so popular today that only traditional couples who want a formal restaurant wedding don’t follow this route. It’s hip to be and feel modern. As a bride, you have more to win if you just keep your mind open to whatever the current trends say. You can allow yourself to flow with the contemporary tendency and choose something voguish to wear at your wedding. But if the trends say you have to go back in time and pick a vintage gown style for your big day, will you be up to it?

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In many cases, our brides answer positively to this question

In many cases, our brides answer positively to this question. This is what modern fashion designers say: old is new and everything that was once considered old-fashion nowadays is back in trend. If you are not quite ready to embrace this style, but you like the idea of decorating your wedding reception in an old century way, perhaps you can ask your bridesmaids to wear vintage gowns at the ceremony. This idea is always more flattering for brides who want to wear a white traditional gown, yet arrange the wedding in a more fashionable way. A black and white theme for instance can fit perfectly well those who want to organize a fun and elegant vintage inspired wedding.

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This subject is for those who have envisioned their perfect wedding on a beach. This venue can surely fit a vintage affair, no matter how weird it may sound. The combination between a sandy shore and an old-fashion theme may not sound like the most inspired on. But come to think about it, both the beach and the antique theme are romantic and nostalgic. The bride can find many other things in common at this point. Your bridesmaids can wear shorter gowns so they can move freely throughout sand and enjoy more the ceremony. Tea length dress styles are great for a vintage ceremony.

You can choose brighter colors for the gowns

You can choose brighter colors for the gowns, so that they can reflect even more properly the old century style. Try electric blue, emerald or olive green, peach, blush pink, bronze, gold or turquoise for an authentic vintage feel. Now, it depends on the effect and vine you guys wish to exude. Choose bright red halter dresses for your girls if you’re planning a romantic retro inspired wedding ceremony. The dresses can feature sweetheart neckline and a knee length. This look will suit wonderfully well brides who want their bridesmaids to look elegant and feel comfortable in the same measure. Flapper dresses with fringes in off white shades can also fit your girls on a vintage wedding day. Long high neck dresses in darker hues like navy or brunt orange can fit brilliantly a sunset beach vintage wedding.

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