So you are contemplating a wedding venue in Central Glasgow? If you are keen to have a city based wedding venue in Glasgow, make sure that you have both discussed the pros and cons of the venues that are found in the surrounding districts. For some people there is nothing to consider though. The lure of the city centre with its vibrancy and the hustle and bustle is what life is all about. The city offers so many venues of all descrptions and everything is located with excellent transport links.

stylish wedding venues

The city of Glasgow boasts some of the most contemporary and stylish wedding venues in the country. From small and intimate venues, boutique hotels and restaurants to grand and luxurious 5 star hotels which exude opulence, the city has it all. The bars and clubs of the city centre offer a multitude of venue possibilities from small but lavish locations to large and affordable affairs.

Unique and unusual venues are numerous and if you are keen for a venue that is a little bit different then the city has a good number to choose from.

traditional or modern

So whether you want traditional or modern, small or large, boutique or period, you’ll be hard pushed to find a wider variety of venues that fulfill your requirements than those found in central Glasgow. Some of the period venues are simply stunning and steeped in history making a perfect backdrop for your special day.

What are the alternatives?

What are the alternatives? Well the attraction of a country mansion or grand Scottish Castle steeped in tradition and with all its grandeur is self evident. Who wouldn’t be tempted by the thought of gorgeous landscaped gardens and historical architechture against a backdrop of rolling hills, rugged mountains and tranquil lakes. Many venues near to Glasgow, but not in the city centre itself,  offer sweeping vistas which are unrivalled by any venues located centrally.

However, for many, the lure of the city is too great. Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city and one of the most vibrant in the United Kingdom. What is on offer in this modern city is simply too much to resist and who can blame them…or you?