The formality of the wedding

The formality of the wedding

The formality of the wedding is the first and most important criteria of to consider when selecting the bridal gown

The formality of the wedding is the first and most important criteria of to consider when selecting the bridal gown. Besides the aesthetical factor that all brides are after, the wedding dress must also be functional and appropriate for the event you’re planning. You can’t show up in a casual dress at a ballroom wedding! There are many designations in this sense that may get one confused. There is the formal event, the black tie, the white tie, the business casual and the semi-formal dress code to consider.

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Knowing the etiquette

Knowing the etiquette for each formality in part can help you make the best decision for you and your bridal party members. You have to choose the dress, the shoes and the accessories according to the level of formality. One of the easiest ways to dress up for a modern wedding is to follow the semi-formal dress code. The etiquette for this style says that the bride should look for an elegant design that is less formal than a black-tie dress. Nevertheless, the semi-formal wedding dress is not supposed to be less formal than cocktail attire. Find the middle path that suits your personality and vision. Weddings planned in a moderately formal way can make perfect hosts for informal wedding dress that are comfy and elegant in the same measure.

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Casual wedding

Casual wedding dresses are for really simple outdoors affairs. Let’s not confound the semi-formal with the casual style. The same dress code must be considered by those who are attending a semi-formal event. Don’t arrive at the wedding too casual or too dressy. Keeping the balance between simple and sophisticated is the best way to go. Semi-formal bridal attire is decent and stylish. The venue and season of your wedding are important factors to keep in mind when making the choice if fabric, cut and color. Semi-formal for a female wedding guest can refer to a cocktail-length or knee length dress. You can also consider a long dress if the wedding occurs in a fancy locale. Wear dressy pumps and accessorize with elegant matching jewelry.

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Semi-formal events are for weddings

Semi-formal events are for weddings, anniversaries, banquets, receptions and other holiday or familial important parties. Christmas parties are, for instance, classified as semi-formal affairs. The occasion is important, but the celebration is more friendly and cozier. This is why semi-formal attire is often referred to as “holiday” attire. For a wedding that occurs during the day, the bride can wear a high-low hemline dress. The bridesmaids can wear knee length gowns to suit the wedding theme and colors. It’s acceptable for female guests to wear pantsuits to a semi-formal wedding reception. It’s not a bad idea to wear a dressy top with dress pants made of elegant fabric in seasonal colors.

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