style for their wedding

style for their wedding

Now that so many designers are turning to old-fashion patterns and shapes for their wedding dress collections

Now that so many designers are turning to old-fashion patterns and shapes for their wedding dress collections, our brides are somehow obligated to consider this style for their wedding. But many of those who never really thought of the vintage style in this manner end up adopting it for their wedding attire. There is indeed something authentic and original about a wedding dress inspired by the past trends. The old is new and the classic style has become the vintagestyle.

a contemporary bride

Our fashion designers know how to make an old wedding dress fit the expectations and preferences of a contemporary bride. One of the most popular eras of the past that provides with a lot of inspiration for a wedding and a wedding dress is the 1950s era. The fifties style was build on a Parisian look. Christian Dior was the designer who managed to introduce the hourglass silhouette a in the bridal fashion of that time. The gowns based on full skirts and the cinched waists were perfectly equilibrated. This style is by far one of the most flattering for the female figure. We can also refer here big floor length wedding gowns with hoop skirts.

the wedding dress silhouette

By the end of the ‘50s, the wedding dress silhouette becomes slimmer and sleeker. We can discuss now about satin dresses and skull cap headpieces and attached veils. This look was very popular during this period. Compared to the wedding dresses created today, those models were a bit more conservative and poor in design. There are many special characteristics of the ‘50s style wedding dress we can mention here. Let’s discuss first about fabrics. This was the era of luscious, rich fibers, such as satin and silk, lace and taffeta. In most cases, bridal dresses of the ‘50s were beautifully adorned with antique beading and embellished with silver and gold thread embroideries. This way, thee dresses gain a glowing look. We can also talk about lace overlay wedding gowns with long sleeves.

express the bride’s status

Capped sleeves and full length sleeves were popular during this era. But the short-sleeved models were the most popular. It was also common for ‘50s brides to wear jackets on top of the dresses for a more elegant look. Short bolero jackets are back in fashion today. These boleros could feature elbow and full-length sleeves. Tulle was one of the most sought-after fabrics during this period, but it was extremely expensive during the war time. The fusion between tulle and lace was popular for sophisticated wedding dresses. This combination was to express the bride’s status. Ivory was the color of ‘50s wedding dresses. The hourglass silhouettes with tight waist and flowing full skirts were the most common. We can also mention the wear of basque waistlines and petticoats.