Planning your Decoration Budget

Planning your Decoration Budget

When it comes to your decorating budget

When it comes to your decorating budget it really depends on where the ceremony and reception will be on what decorations need to be present as well as what if any; themes that you are choosing.

For example, if you are planning an indoor dinner, you have to include centerpieces etc. The most common decorating choice for weddings and reception are flowers, and streamers.

While the streamers and various other decorations are generally inexpensive, the flowers can kill you. It is best when choosing your flowers for a wedding service and reception to use false flowers or paper machete flowers as they are cheap and reusable.

When it comes to your decorating budget

use real flowers

For those who would much prefer to use real flowers, it can be much cheaper to go with wild flowers and/or hand picked flowers. It is also a good idea to use them sparingly.

For example, rather than going all out and decorating everything with flowers just use a simple arrangement for the center of the table and place them in small vases or hand made crafts.

Of course you can also opt to keep the flowers strictly in the ceremony. Paper machete flowers re getting more and more popular as well as hand made roses that were created from tissue paper. When they are placed on green pipe cleaners or wires that are covered in green tissue paper they are quite attractive. It is a nice way to save money and spend some time with your friends and family in creating them.

style for their wedding

When it comes to the decoration budget

When it comes to the decoration budget, this is a time when you will want the church, chapel or hall for the ceremony to cover them for you.

If that is not possible, the ceremonial decorations can be limited to those involved in the ceremony, such as their clothes. If you must, you can pin balloons to the areas where the guests will be seated or create some flowers out of tissue paper.

Streamers are always used, but there are other ways to decorate that are just as appealing. Here are some good tips for decorating at your wedding on a budget.

  • A really unique idea is to use glass containers and putting baby fish in them. It is very unique and attractive, and it is also cheap because the glass containers can be purchased at Wal-Mart and even a dollar store. The fish can be as cheap as you want them to be
  • Good old candle holders and candles are always a romantic addition to any wedding decor
  • If you reception is at night it is nice to add fireflies to a glass container with holes for air or even butterflies during the day
  • False flower arrangements in a bamboo pot are a very nice addition and keepsake for guests
  • Using white Christmas lights streamed through greenery is a beautiful decoration and is one that you likely already have available
  • Chocolate and candy flower bouquets are sweet accents to the décor and they can be souvenirs for the guests later.
  • Balloons, balloons, and more balloons are always fun

The best wedding dress

These are not the only decorations that are available but you are getting the idea. The best thing that you can do before choosing your decorations is to choose a theme first. Themes for weddings are just like choosing themes for anniversaries and birthdays. Once you can decide on a theme, you can decorate around that theme.

For example, if you are choosing to have your theme be tropical romance, you can use glass containers with sand etc. as centerpieces to your reception. Some extra and easy to afford themes include those that will be listed in the table below as well as some of the things that usually accompany them.

When selecting a wedding dress

These are common wedding ceremonial themes

These are common wedding ceremonial themes that are used as opposed to the reception themes mentioned above; of course they can be used as reception themes too.

Wedding Ceremony Themes

Specialty items used for theme


Wreathes, wild flowers, garland, candles


Sea Shells, polished stones, fish tanks


Lace, bows, flowers, candelabras

Big band

Balloon bouquets, stringed lights, empty wine bottles draped in fake pearls (centerpieces)

Roaring 20’s

Balloons, streamers, candles, USO items


Daisies, butterflies, birds


Colored leaves, terracotta pottery


Crystal, icicles, babies breath, glitter

These are some of the most common themes

These are some of the most common themes that you can choose and the most affordable as well. The fact of the matter is that once you have chosen your theme it is easy to work around. Many of the items that were mentioned in the above themes can be found in discount stores and dollar stores.The formality of the wedding

The point here is that before you can decide on a wedding budget, you must choose your theme first and make sure that it suits your finances.

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