photograph their wedding

When Paul & Gayti asked us to photograph their wedding, we got very excited. Not only was the wedding in the gorgeous Bolsover Castle, a ruin in derbyshire, but the next day we were also invited to a huge indian party at the Royal Victoria in Sheffield. Our mission – to capture the couple and their guests having the time of their lives. So, with this wedding, we concentrated on the reportage, really trying to record the day and the stories as they unfolded.

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Day 2 of Paul & Gayti’s wedding – Indian Party! The colours at this ceremony were stunning! It was so much fun to photograph as everything just popped! Reds, blues, greens and oranges – all on beautiful indian materials. Loved it. Again, our brief was to capture the guests having as much fun as physically possible. With an amazingly vibrant party atmosphere, we found that challenge very easy! A huge thank you to Paul & Gayti and everyone involved for allowing us to be part of such an incredible weekend!

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Here’s a few shots from Thomas & Bolette’s wedding in Denmark. It was such a fascinating day and they are a very beautiful couple. To do a wedding in Denmark was a refreshing change &  we will certainly jump at any other opportunity to shoot a wedding abroad. It gives you a totally new way of looking at weddings and was insanely inspirational. A big huge warm thank you to Mr & Mrs Andersen for being a superb couple to photograph – I had such a good time and they made the day so easy!

All the best to them and to all the lovely people i met!!

When i arrived, we visited Kim & Fie and their two beautiful daughters. They lit a fire for us, baked us some (danish) pastries and made mud pies. A very warm welcome indeed!!

Kolding Fjord

Check the ice!! I missed the cold snap by a couple of weeks when it got down to -20. Brrrr!! The danes are keen ice skaters though as the lakes completely freeze over.

Kolding Haus

Kolding has a castle. Its so interesting. after a fire, the castle lay in ruin for years and years until the 60s when instead of rebuilding the castle, the built on top of the ruins for a really stunning mix of old and modern architecture. I have totally fallen in love with danish design so i’ve included a few photos in the series of danish lamps.


Copenhagen Railway Station. We spent 2 days in the capital. I’d recommend it to anyone, its really quite beautiful. Copenhagen
Sweet little cafe where we had breakfast. Love the old books on the table.This is in the Round Tower. Reminded me of a multi-storey car park but obviously in a really good way! the tower was built with slopes instead of stairs so the king didn’t have to get off of his horse to get to the top. A photographic exhibition at the top of the Round Tower.

This is a pretty place called Nyhavn. the colourful bars and restaurants line the sides of the harbour. Quiet out of season but lovely none the less. There are so many bikes in Copenhagen you really have to watch where you’re going! They line all the pavements. Denmark’s equivalent to Buckingham palace. This is the area in which the queen lives. This cute little ornament is made of Amber – something you can find just on the beaches all around the coast of Denmark.

Everythings rather expensive in Copenhagen. a bottle of beer will set you back about 4 quid. So we were pleasantly surprised when we found this bar. cheap. as chips.

This is the first photo i took of Freetown Christiania. I swear its the most surreal place I’ve ever been to! basically it was taken over by ‘hippies’ in th 70s, who have made their own laws. they don’t pay taxes, they don’t work. They do sell cannabis and build their own weird little houses. I wasn’t allowed to take photos so i sneakily took a few but didn’t capture the weirdness of the place. You’ll have to visit for yourself!

Here a couple were having their wedding photographs done in the museum. A really beautiful space, I would love to see how they looked. Aside from the fjords, Denmark has other really beautiful scenery. This was taken in a huge forest which starts right in the city.