on the bride

A wine colored wedding dress

A wine colored wedding dress can be worn as a ball gown as well, but at a wedding, on the bride, it will make a bold statement. We will show you a small selection of wedding dresses colored wine, just to convince you to give up the traditional white. You can wear one of these dresses either for the ceremony either for the wedding reception.

This dress couldn’t be more beautiful

This dress couldn’t be more beautiful. This is the color of the red wine and the corset has a sweetheart neckline. The fabric is taffeta, the skirt is really full and its draping is more than amazing. The best part is yet to come, as its price is rather on the low side: $199 from the voguebridal.org site. There is a bra in the corset to offer a lot of support if you have a large chest. Be careful though that the embellishment will make your chest appear bigger.

Here you can see another ball gown

Here you can see another ball gown, still strapless dress which we hope you’ll like as much as we did. This dress is heavily embellished, especially with lace and with beautiful draping on the floor sweeping skirt. This wedding dress has been released for the 2009 weddings collections, and you are expected to pay$170 for the dress, without the shipping. This dress can be ordered on various colors, and on some other fabrics as well.

Another princess like wine wedding dress

Another princess like wine wedding dress can be seen here. This one has a white embroidery almost on the hem of the skirt, under the chest area as well as on the hips. The fabrics which can be used for the making of this dress are satin, chiffon, taffeta and organza and even though the back has a lace-up, one can order the dress with a zipper too. You need to visit eBay with about $140 if you want this strapless wine wedding dress.