Marriage Proposals

All About Marriage Proposals

Are you in a long-term relationship but wondering if you’re ready or not to get married? If you can ask yourself a few questions and come up with the right answers, you’re probably ready. So, when considering your significant other:

Do they make you happy?

We’re not talking about “this is good pasta” happy or even “this is the happiest moment of my life” sort of happy. Even with the ideal mate you’re not going to be happy every minute of every day. In fact, you’ll still have some terrible, crappy days. But, does this person make you happy on the whole? Is being with them more enjoyable than being without them? If the answer is no, then you need to spend some time working on your relationship (or even finding a new one) before you settle down.

Marriage Proposals

Are you still tempted?

If you’re out at a club or at a dinner party, do you find yourself ever checking out the other hotties in the room? If you do, that’s fine. In fact, everybody looks around once in awhile. But if you’re ready to settle down you should still want to go home with your significant other, every single night. After all, after you get married you’ll be able to look at the menu every night, but you’ll still be ordering the same thing.

Can you get old with this person?

Can you see yourself sitting on a park bench with your significant other in forty years? Can you see yourself having children? Grandchildren? If you decide to get married you’ll be in the relationship for the long haul. If the thoughts of getting old and gray with this person freak you out, then it may be worth it to give the relationship a little more time to grow before considering marriage.

Can you stand to be around this person all the time?

Think about it, if you were locked in the same room with your significant other, how would things go? At the end of the week would you be at each other’s throats, yelling from the corners of the room and ready to get out of there at any cost? Or would you be happier and more in love than ever? What if you were stranded on a desert island for a year, then what? Would rescuers find a happy couple or a survivor and a body? If you can imagine yourselves spending blissful days together for years on end, then marriage may be just over the horizon.