vintage style for their wedding

Many couples of today prefer the vintage style for their wedding

Many couples of today prefer the vintage style for their wedding. There is something very appealing about the black and white theme that convinces so many pairs to select this color mix for their big day. Classic, dainty and a bit retro, this color scheme is surely one of the most adequate for old-fashion nuptials. You can use the black in your own favorite doses without minding the opinion of others. You can plan a black wedding with soft accents of white for a whimsical look or go voce versa for more elegance.

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the black & white theme

Those who don’t know, the black & white theme was very popular during the ‘20s when the Art Deco style was in vogue. This color palette is bold and daring, where the black accents speak of power, courage and sophistication. When used with cleverness, this theme can bring attention to certain wedding details. The bride herself can wear a black and white dress at the ceremony. This idea is appealing to those who want to wear something thematic and coherent with the overall look and vibe of the wedding. The choice of the wedding theme is just as important as the choice of your wedding dress. In this context, both these steps are crucial.

As a bride, you want your wedding look to reflect the theme

As a bride, you want your wedding look to reflect the theme and formality of the event. And when you’re following the black and white style, you have to find a white dress with black accents. You can purchase one off the rack or choose one from a famous designer. The most impressive black and white wedding gowns you can select or get inspired from are definitely the gowns created by Atelier Aimee. These designers have some spectacular models to show you. Look into the “Bianco e Nero” bridal collections on their website for more inspiration. You will get the chance to examine the gowns closely and fall deeply in love with all models! Atelier Aimee likes to combine different fashion elements of the past with modern cuts. This is why their collections are so timelessly beautiful, dramatic and romantic in the same measure.

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The old Hollywood look

Their dresses are largely white, with corsets and puffy skirts, where the black accents add even more sophistication to the bride’s overall look. You will be able to find dresses with black corset laces, black rose details and black gloves. The old Hollywood look is perfectly well expressed in their collections. Many celebrities of the past can help you plan a fashionable look for an old glamorous black and white wedding. Audrey Hepburn’s black and white damask dress can surely make a fine source of inspiration for many classic brides. Ingrid Bergman and Vivien Leigh are other names to consider.

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