many brides

many brides

Not all brides have a classy appearance

Not all brides have a classy appearance. While many brides go for a classy and chic wedding look, there are some who simply do not know what they should wear – this often ending up in an outfit disaster. Whatever you do – do not wear any of the outfits we will show you next up, not similar ones. But, if you want to have some fun while looking at pics – then read on!

This bride simply did not know that she needs full chest support. The dress can be used as a wedding dress, but not if you have the wrong body shape. The gown has to be worn by a thin bride, not a heavy one! the hairstyle is also a no-no, as the tight curls do not flatter anyone and they will only make you look like you need to wash your hair.

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This wedding gown

This wedding gown is yet another fashion disaster which should not be worn by any bride! Coupled with the bridesmaids dresses, it looks more like the suitable outfit for a circus than a wedding. The dress is tight and too accessorized. The bride opted to wear it with an impossible hairstyle, as well as a huge, golden tiara and matching necklace – which only adds to the tackiness of the whole outfit. The maids are wearing orange similar outfits, for a contrast that looks trashy rather than nice.

As opposed to an overdone dress, this one looks too sport

As opposed to an overdone dress, this one looks too sport. This bride looks like she came straight from the gym, and added a veil and high heels to the whole outfit. The court train does not match at all and looks like she used her living curtains as fabric for it.

If you want to look amazing on your wedding day, stay away from any of these outfits and use your common sense when going shopping for a wedding dress!