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If you need to buy a wedding dress, you don’t have to go for an expensive one. There are many dresses which look expensive and pretty amazing – for the right price! You have to pay attention to many details when buying a $100 dress though – you should look at the sewing, fabric, and little details. It may be more hard for you to find such a cheap dress, of a good quality, but it can be done. We will show you some examples you can choose from.

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young bride

This champagne colored dress is a cute alternative to more expensive dresses. The dress is short, so it’s the suitable choice for a young bride. Made of organza fabric, it will make any bride look like a sweet princess. The color is perfect for a beach wedding, as well as for a garden wedding. You can choose to further accessorize the dress with exotic flowers and statement jewelry, as to give it a more classy look. As for the shoe,s wear some satin high pumps which will draw all eyes on you! of course, do not forget your rose bouquet. This dress sells online on several wedding web sites for only $60 to $70 – it’s definitely an inexpensive choice!


Another choice is this White Strapless dress. The dress is cute and has a retro vibe to it, and comes in a pure and feminine white color. The top is tight, while the skirt flares out for a Cinderella look. The wait is marked by a satin ribbon in a tan color, which flatters a thin bride. made of satin and organza, this dress is light and easy to wear regardless of the wedding setting. If you think this dress is the right choice for you, then you can find it online for about $80 or so!