Have a Line Dance Instructor At Wedding

Have a Line Dance Instructor At Wedding

You can hardly wait your wedding day to come

You can hardly wait your wedding day to come and you can hardly wait to put into practice everything that you have learned in your dance lessons so far. You love dancing and dancing at weddings is the beast part of a reception, or so you think. But all those parties you have been so far lacked something and now you know what.







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The worst part of the weddings you attended was the line dances you performed

The worst part of the weddings you attended was the line dances you performed. There were two kinds of situations related to the line dance subject: either you were one of the happy guests who knew the moves and you were happy to dance along well or you were part of the group of wedding guests who did not know the moves and the dance became a real fiasco you did not want to dance any more.






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have a line dance instructor at wedding

Now, you do not want the same to happen at your wedding and you decided to have a line dance instructor at wedding. There are more possibilities to do this. You can either take some dance lessons, meet an instructor who will teach you the moves, and then you are going to be the instructor at the wedding. How to do it? Easily: you just go and announce a special moment, ask guests to follow your moves without music for a few times and then play the music and dance along.







your wedding day

this special moment

Or you can hire an instructor to come at the wedding for this special moment. If you already had some dance classes for your first dance, you can talk to your instructor to prepare something for you or to recommend someone else. Having a line dance instructor at wedding is a better variant than the first one, just because they can teach more than one dance and they really know how to make every person dance.

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