If you want your wedding day to be easily remembered

If you want your wedding day to be easily remembered

If you want your wedding day to be easily remembered, you’ll have to wear an impressive gown. A wedding dress which is usually considered a ball gown is perfect, as long as it is sleeveless and strapless. The ball gown have really puffy skirts, and they look as if they cost a fortune, even though it is not always the case. Take a look, at some, right here.


Here you can see a satin dress, colored champagne, with a Basque waist, with an embellished corset. All this being said, one can have this model ordered on more fabrics as well as many other colors, according to their preferences. This strapless ball wedding gown will look amazing with a pair of matching gloves, a nice necklace and a tiara. One would pay $260 for it, as it doesn’t include accessories.

strapless wedding gown is heavily embellished

The corset of this satin, strapless wedding gown is heavily embellished with beading, which seems to be leaking on  the skirt. The waist is dropped, and there is a sash ribbon right across the natural wait of the bride, adding a very sweet detail to the dress. Coralbuy.com lists this wedding dress for $275 currently, which is a sale price. With the right accessories -long gloves, tiara, earring, necklace and a veil – you will turn into a princess for sure.

your wedding

Probably even Cinderella would want this purple gown. This gown is maybe designed with a prom event in mind, but if you want a certain theme for your wedding – a ball – then this dress is perfect, especially for the reception. The neckline is sweetheart shaped and the edges are decorated with crystals. The puffy skirt is very frilly, and he fabric used for the dress is satin. The waist of the dress is the same as on the first option we presented here – Basque.