How To Hire The Perfect Photo Booth For Your Wedding

The amazingly popular fashion of having a rental photo booth

The amazingly popular fashion of having a rental photo booth at local weddings isn’t just going anywhere yet. Photo booths offer a fantastic way for both the couple and the wedding guests to have lots of  fun and commemorate the memorable occasion. If you are thinking of adding one to your big day, we have some thoughtful tips to help you choose the right one for your perfect wedding.


There are many very different types of photo booths available these days for wedding couples to choose from so we share our top three tips for easily picking the best one for your personal needs

See The Booth And Prints

Most of the photo booth rental companies do not post pictures of their wedding booths on their own websites. Before renting a booth based only on money, request to see the actual photo booth live and thoroughly test it out before making any commitments. If you are unable to see the photo booth in person, then try to request printed images as well as the wedding booth’s dimensions so you know how much space is left at the reception.

Wedding photo booths come in all different shapes and sizes. A visual inspection only allows you to see if the photo booth matches your wedding aesthetics, but it also lets you realise if the booth’s size is sufficient for your reception space. Some photo booths has curved walls while many others may have a rectangular shape or be wide open with just a backdrop and lights. Some booths may be a solid color while different others have text and graphic some sort of design or textures.

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Consider Your Guests Count

Before even deciding on a photo booth for your wedding, think hard about who will attend your wedding. Is the crowd mainly younger or older? Are they going to be familiar how to operate a photo booth? Are very small children going to be tall enough to be photographed in the booth?

We suggest asking your booth rental company what is the outline of the start to finish process for the guests using the wedding photo booth. Testing the photo booth prior to the wedding before actually booking is highly recommended so you can have that experience for yourself. A wedding photo booth is definitely no fun if no one knows how to use it properly!

Ask If It Can Be Personalised

Many wedding photo booths can let you personalize your photo booth and the photo strips prints. See the designs that they offer and are available and what can be changed in them. Your wedding guests will likely keep their photo strips for a long time to come, so try to make sure that your photo booth prints look the way you want them to look so your big day can be remembered the way it was.

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We also suggest to try finding out if your photo booth rental package includes photo props, and if so, can they be coordinated with your wedding theme. If that is not the case, ask your booth rental company if they are willing to offer some. Lastly, if your wedding photo booth rental only offers a plain black curtain, ask if you can use your own colorful background. That way your wedding booth may look and feel more a part of your lovely wedding. Every bride is in love with her wedding colors and would appreciate keeping the wedding theme intact!

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