How to Create a Stunning Candy Buffet For a Perfect Wedding

Something Blue (and sweet…)

There’s so much we love about candy tables or sweet bars, as we like to call them, but styling a standout candy bar takes preparation and thought. The goal is for everyone to see the bar as a visual treat before they even get near it.

Here rock-candy kebabs and sweet jelly beans put a whimsical spin on this elegant, sumptuous buffet created by Marjaneh Etebar of Candybar Couture. A tower of buttercream delicious cupcakes is offset by a mirrored surface; marabou-trimmed glassware adds a sophisticated touch to this dreamy scenario, perfect for an evening wedding affair.

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The Shiny One

Be it a vintage farmhouse table, a baker’s rack or a sleek credenza, creative presentation is key to a dazzling candy experience. Vessels in various shapes and heights are also key to both overall design and ease of serving. this contemporary look in silver, black and white is perfect for a sophisticated cocktail party, engagement celebration or retro-glam reception.

Polka-dot fabric and crystal-accented ribbons create a shimmering accompaniment to an assortment of sweet taffy, meringue and other sugary treats, including chocolate truffles coated in silver edible glitter from Bedazzle My Bonbons.

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Pink Delight

With candy available in virtually any shade, ombré is an easy, ever-so-chic option. Here, Candybar Couture thinks pink in every iteration, from baby to rose to fuchsia –  a perfect choice for a bridal shower or brunch. Chocolate truffles, delicate petits fours and red velvet cupcakes share the table with old-fashioned classics like taffy, jelly beans and marshmallows.

Please don’t settle for a blank wall. Consider paper garlands, as here, or a backdrop created from ribbons, fabric, artwork or arranged photographs.

A candy bar can be revealing with dessert but it’s much more fun to let everyone enjoy the treats before dinner even begins!

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