Gretna Weddings

Gretna Weddings

runaway wedding ceremonies

Gretna weddings are the runaway wedding ceremonies associated with the great town of Gretna which is located in Galloway and Dumfries, Scotland.

Gretna and its environs

These weddings are very popular, not only to the native inhabitants of Gretna and its environs, but to the entire population as well. Gretna weddings are not complicated as such, thanks to the liberal marriage laws in Scotland.

Marriage laws in Scotland

One would be forgiven to think that Gretna weddings are associated with a dozen legal formalities. This kind of thinking may be influenced by the fact that Gretna town is very close to the English border, and in England some marriage laws are not as simplified as in Scotland. Gretna actually translates into a hilly place.

Who would mix guncotton together with nitro-glycerin

The village which was well known for a huge cordite munitions factory was one of the largest producers of ammunition during the First World War. The factory which stretches for nine miles employed over thirty thousand workers who would mix guncotton together with nitro-glycerin.

Mixture formed cordite paste

This mixture formed cordite paste which was later loaded into shell cases. With this magnificent historical background, all you can expect is that Gretna weddings blend some element of tradition and modern wedding practice.

Weddings day

Apart from the auspicious wedding ceremony, at Gretna weddings you are assured of great historical sites to visit. There are a number of castles that you can visit and get perfect backgrounds for your photo-shooting session.

Museum of Costume

Among the most popular heritage sites include; several roman forts, the Tullie House Museum, Hadrian’s wall, Thomas Carlyle’s birthplace, Museum of Costume, as well as the great Sweetheart Abbey.

Top class accommodation facilities

The surrounding village provides a great spot for your guests to feel comfortable and get top class accommodation facilities. The natural look of Gretna Green provides a fresh environment, away from the hustles of the city center, to conduct your wedding ceremony.

First choice wedding venue

These special features are what you should expect when you pick Gretna weddings as your first choice wedding venue.

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