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Getting A Wedding Suit – Advice From The Experts

We know that many grooms and groomsmen are young and inexperienced when it comes to finding the perfect wedding suit. Some might not feel ready to buy their own first starter suit so renting one is a great option!!!

Getting married in Viborg Denmark?

Here are the basics when suiting up and they are pretty simple to fulfil:

1.  Color:

Black, grey, or navy blue. Classic!!! Avoid pattern or stripes except possibly with grey, where a subtle pattern or stripe might work.

2.  Style:

Keep is simple and classic, which you’re already planning to do anyway, right?  Wool, two or three buttons, single breasted, medium-width lapels, etc…  Do it right and you’ll look elegant and timeless next to your bride or best friend, and have a suit that will fit a variety of occasions in the future.

3.  Source.

Depending on budget here are some suggestions:

J. Press:

Great quality, classic, expensive, limited retail availability (though they are online, with some good sales now).

Brooks Brothers:

Classic, with a variety of price points, ranging from the 1818 suits at their main retail stores to the 346 line at their outlet stores (and of course online).  More widely available than J Press, with more chances to catch something on sale.  Quality is usually pretty good on everything, at least for the price.

Jos. A. Bank:

Fairly widely available, with a variety of prices and styles available.  Some of their stuff is good, though I dislike their approach to selling it, which is to jack up the prices, and then sell it at large discounts if you buy several (their frequent “buy one, get one/two/twelve/seven hundred free” promotions).

Men’s Wearhouse:

Not a big fans, the stuff we’ve gotten from this store has almost always been a mistake that ends up being given away. We don’t suggest shopping there unless budget is at utmost priority.


Lots of great stuff, but it will cost you.  You might want to check out their Nordstrom Rack outlets, which can have some pretty good deals.

We hope that article was helpful when choosing your wedding suit!!!