fashion & wedding dresses

fashion & wedding dresses

There is no such thing as the perfect wedding dress

There is no such thing as the perfect wedding dress that can be worn by all brides. It’s not right to generalize and say that what looks good on me it will definitely look great on you! This is not how things work when it comes to fashion & wedding dresses. Each woman is unique and beautiful in her own way. We all have our assets and flaws we want to enhance and respectively camouflage. This is precisely why it wouldn’t be a wise thing to recommend a standard type of dress to all brides. Let’s take full-figure brides for instance.

the type of dress

The body-shape of a woman is the only thing that influences the type of dress she will wear at the wedding. This is why it’s recommended for all brides to learn more about their figure before making any choice. Don’t go shopping if you’re not ready to make the difference between what you think it looks good on you and what suits you perfectly. The ideal wedding dress is the one that flatters your figure and personality. It sounds difficult to find the perfect dress when you’re a more corpulent bride, right? This is a false opinion.

bigger brides

Our designers have plenty of unique options for bigger brides. There are many beautiful plus size wedding gowns you can find in their collections. Choose one that compliments your structure and individuality. Plus size wedding dresses don’t have to be plain and tight. They can high your body in a comfortable way. The corset style is one of the most flattering in this sense. Plus size wedding dresses are meant to fit all categories of brides: traditional, romantic, vintage, modern, fashion-forward, etc. Let’s start with the classic style. Simple and clean silhouettes with a timeless flair can suit any body type. Look for an elegant A-line wedding dress without too many embroideries or embellishments. Princess line wedding dresses are flattering for those who want to obtain a slimmer figure. This silhouette is fitted at the bodied and hips, while wider at the skirt.

The A-line

The A-line is very flattering for fuller figures because it conceals wide hips and accentuates a beautiful bust. Wear a Basque waistline gown to obtain a slimmer figure. The V-shaped waistline elongates your figure and provides you with a slender look. For an elegant cozy feel, choose an empire waist gown. This style has a less-structured waistline and a long skirt that falls straight from the waist in a simple flowy line. The high undefined waist draws attention away from the stomach area and offers you a taller look. Choose a fluid silhouette for a lighter feel. For a glamorous look, choose a mermaid gown that embraces your bodice and waist and flares out at the knees.

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