FAQ for wedding photography


Do we meet before the wedding day?

Yes. Successful wedding photography depends on a good relationship between the photographer and couple. By meeting you I will get a clear understanding of your needs. Above all I want you to feel comfortable and relaxed with the photography on the day. Where possible I will visit the venue before hand in order to get a feel for great photo opportunities.

Will you also take group pictures of family and friends?

Yes, but I will try to keep these to a manageable amount. Understandably couples don’t always appreciate the amount of time it takes to capture lots of group shots. Too many group shots can become weary on the Bride, Groom and guests and will mean less time to take natural reportage images. I will advise you before the wedding so you can find the best balance between group and reportage shots.

Do we own the photos?

By law copyright is automatically with the photographer, and most wedding photographers like to retain full control of their work. I don’t necessarily agree and want you to enjoy your wedding photographs.  I will provide you with a DVD of your edited images to print for personal use as often as you wish.

Will there be problems getting pictures of the ceremony?

This very much depends on the venue and the rules they impose. Some venues have no restrictions, others limit the number of photos or position from which they are taken, and some allow no photos at all.  I will check with the venue on your wedding day and will respect any restriction.

My partner doesn’t like their photo being taken?

Neither do I!  That’s why I stay behind the camera! I will tailor my approach to make you feel more comfortable. If photographs make you nervous then I will concentrate on natural reportage shots from a distance and limit the amount of posed pictures, whilst ensuring I still capture beautiful images. Ultimately, if you are uncomfortable with an image you can choose not to have it in your album.

Do we pick the pictures?

I provide a DVD of the best photos so you can pick the ones you love!

How many photos will you take on the day?

When shooting, I like to capture those unforgettable moments as they happen. Therefore I shoot a great deal of discrete images to increase the chance of a beautiful photo. On a full day I can shoot up to 1000 images with only a small fraction of those being posed (don’t panic!). I would then pare these down and give you a DVD of photos to consider for the album.  You’ll also get to keep all of these images!  Yay!

Where do we go from here?

Just give me a call or email and I will get back to you asap. After an initial chat we can arrange to meet up and go from there.

Good luck with planning your wedding!

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