Cheap Wedding party gifts

Cheap Wedding party gifts

Thanking your wedding party with special gifts is a favored tradition

Thanking your wedding party with special gifts is a favored tradition. Depending on the size of your wedding party it can be an expensive one as well. With so much money spent on the wedding ceremony and the reception, this can often be an aspect of the ceremony that you can have a hard time in deciding upon because it can be difficult to find inexpensive, original and thoughtful items that will be good enough to express your appreciation to your wedding party.

Here are some great and unique gift ideas that are not expensive:

  • Personalized shot glasses
  • Personalized candles
  • Personally engraved items such as ornaments, plaques etc.
  • Personalized musical CD recordings commemorating the ceremony and reception music such as bride and groom’s songs etc.
  • Specially labeled wine bottles commemorating your special day
  • A personalized picture frame of the wedding of the wedding party
  • Make your own wine and give a bottle to each guest
  • Make beaded bracelets with you and your couples initials on them and the date of your wedding

These are just some ideas, but you get the general thoughts on this matter. Of course, there are literally millions of gift ideas that you could choose from or create with your own hands.

All you have to do is think about how you would like to say thanks, and what you can afford to do. Here are some visual pictures to help your with your creative ideas.

Your wedding day is nothing else but a story

Affordable Pre-Wedding celebrations

Perhaps one of the most popular and best loved wedding traditions is the pre-wedding celebrations like the wedding shower and bachelor parties. Usually these parties are supplied by the mother of the bride or the best man etc. Some couples find that they would rather host their own either out of necessity or desire.

Really, it does not matter who throws the party because in the end, it should still be affordable. There are ways to make this happen.

  1. Throw a jack and Jill party which combines the bachelor and bachelor party together. If it is hosted at a home, your guests can bring their own alcoholic beverages.
  2. Have your bridal shower at your own home providing home cooked food.
  3. At your bridal shower purchase decorations that can also be used as parting gifts such as personalized candles etc.
  4. Celebrate your wedding at a local pub or tavern. This will give you the benefits of having all of your friends with you and none of the financial responsibility. Basically this night is no different than spending an evening with friends to celebrate a promotion, only the focus is on your wedding instead. Many couples will do this together instead of a bachelor/bachelorette party.
  5. If you or a family member have memberships at a local legion, you can often convince them to let you use their halls for you bridal shower.

Some Last Minute Extras

For all of the tips and money saving advice that was mentioned here, there are still some extra tips and advice to help you have the nicest wedding ceremony, reception etc that you can afford. There are still some tips that should be mentioned for the purposes of this guide.

These tips cover some of the extras that you might want to include. Let’s take a look at them now.

  1. Save money on your thank you cards, by placing an ad thanking everyone on the internet or your personal web page. You can get free web space from many ISPs like yahoo Geocities.
  2. Limit the number of tables at your reception party so that you can lower the number of centerpieces and other extras.
  3. When offering door prizes as a fun addition to the reception stick to the basics such as special wine bottles with glasses and candles, or gift certificates.
  4. Hosting a pig roast is a great way to have fun at your reception at a lesser cost. Some couples will offer their guests free liquor and food for a per person fee.
  5. Some couples will have their wedding during their honeymoon trip and share the journey with their friends and family once they get home at a private get together.
  6. Instead of throwing rice, you can use bubbles or you can make your own confetti with a three hole punch. You can also opt to use balloons.
  7. Host a brunch reception. That will cut some of your prices greatly; especially if you host your reception on a Sunday.
  8. Reserving halls for receptions is cheaper on Mondays through Friday and Sundays. Some Holidays like Labor Day are perfect for getting good deals on halls.

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