Cambridge Wedding Photographer

Cambridge Wedding Photographer

there are many wedding photographers

In Cambridge, there are many wedding photographers, some of the most appreciated ones being Alex Beckett, Tom Catchesides, and Scott Gilbert.

there are many wedding photographers

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Alex Beckett can be found at 13 Bateman St. and contacted at 07729-977-826 or by entering his website, About himself, he says that he likes technology very much, has a puppy called Nymeria (from Game of Thrones), and loves getting to know his clients very well. If you want him as your wedding photographer, learn that photo collections provided by Alex Beckett Photography start at 2000 collections

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Tom Catchesides Photography is a photo agency activating in Cambridge as well, at 5 St. Andrew’s Road. Tom Catchesides can be found at 07881-952-510 and his works can be seen on Photo Pro Magazine has named him ‘one of the top 10 wedding photographers in the UK’. Tom established himself as a professional photographer specialized in photography weddings, corporate, portraiture and PR work. In addition to photographing all sorts of events and people, Tom offers training seminars for wedding photographers in association with an international chain of professional photographic equipment stores, named Calumet. Photo packages by Tom Catchesides Photography start at 1975 agency

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Scott Gilbert ( is found at 6 Rustat Road and can be contacted at 01954-250-125. Scott Gilbert is specialized in modern reportage wedding photography, covering events in London, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Essex and the Home Counties. His team also offers national coverage. Those interested in the prices practiced by Scott Gilbert Photography have to contact Scott directly, because on his website, no prices are mentioned. However, we invite you to enter his website, because you will get a chance of knowing more about his work (his site presents numerous pictures from real weddings photographed by Scott Gilbert).

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