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Bridal Purse

It’s your big day and you’ve got everything you need

It’s your big day and you’ve got everything you need. Your white dress, bottles and bottles of champagne and a man who wants to spend the rest of his life with you. You want the day to be perfect but as you leave for the church you suddenly realize that you don’t have a place to carry your make-up and tissues. You need a bridal purse.

Every woman loves have a handbag. We seem to have them for every occasion and in every color. A bridal purse is just another addition to our arsenal of carrying devices. But a bridal purse is very different because it needs to be special as it’s something we’ll have with us on the most important day of our lives.

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When a woman goes to purchase a bridal gown

When a woman goes to purchase a bridal gown the sales attendant will usually discuss some of the accessories with her. Things like shoes, lingerie and a veil are all essentials. The bridal purse can easily be overlooked. It’s unfortunate because no woman wants to be caught dead on her wedding day carrying a garish green handbag or a beaded black clutch purse.

The day you are shopping for all of your wedding attire should be the day you purchase your bridal purse. The majority of brides choose a small white clutch purse. This is subtle enough that it won’t stand out yet elegant enough that if it’s caught in your hand in a picture or two it won’t seem out of place.

Beads are a common addition to these special handbags. They may be the same size as the beads found on the wedding gown or they can be pearls. A pearl studded bridal purse instantly becomes a family heirloom that will be passed proudly from one generation to the next.outdoors wedding or an indoors ceremony?

Some women love to make crafts and they have the skill to do it

Some women love to make crafts and they have the skill to do it. For them they might consider making a bridal purse. A really lovely notion is to make the purse out of material that matches the wedding gown. Or in some cases using a swatch of material from their mother’s or grandmother’s vintage gown to make the bridal purse. This covers the “something old” superstition while at the same time incorporating the women who are special to the bride into the ceremony.

You won’t be holding too much in this small bag. Usual finds in a bridal purse are lipstick, some mascara, breath mints and a supply of tissues. You don’t want to have money or any credit cards inside the purse as it’s very easily for it to become misplaced during the day’s festivities.

Make your day extra special by having elegant and tasteful accessories. Whether you purchase one or make it yourself a bridal purse is both functional and attractive.

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