big wall portraits

big wall portraits

I would like to explain to all of you who my ideal client is. Truth is, I have two ideal clients…


My ideal family client is made up of 5 people. Dad, Mom, & 3 Kids. The mother stays home to watch the kids while the father goes out to work. She cherishes her children and loves raising them. She values pictures because, to her, pictures are memories. She gets family pictures every year so that she can document the growth of her children.

big wall portraits

The mother hangs pictures up all over the walls of their house. She orders big wall portraits every year to update her living room. She uses the images in her scrapbook that she makes for her kids and she loves getting her picture taken as well.


My ideal senior client is a male that plays football. He is an only child and loves his parents dearly. He is going to college the year after he graduates. He is a country boy who loves riding horses and being outdoors. He loves to laugh and make jokes. And he loves to try new things.

There you have it. My ideal clients. If you aren’t like my ideal client, does that mean that I won’t photograph you? Heck NO! I would love to take your photographs!

These are my ideal clients because when I think of my favorite session to photograph or to look at, this is what comes to my mind. Don’t get me wrong though…you still could be my favorite session without being my ideal client!

I hope that you all have a wonderful day and if you need a senior photographer or family photographer in the Weiser.