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be different

beach wedding

When you choose to have a beach wedding, your attire will be different than the one for a hotel or winter wedding. You can wear a more casual outfit, while still keeping classy and chic. Some of the best beach wedding dresses will be shown here, next up – it’s impossible not to find something you like! When you choose your wedding gown, take into consideration the sun and the wind, as well as your foot wear. Perhaps you would like to wear flat but glam roman sandals, which will allow you to feel comfortable throughout the day.

The first dress we will show you is this long, satin dress. The gown has a white color, and a halter top style, with crystal embellishment on the chest. The cut is simple and has a a-line, which flatters most body shapes – especially if you want to hide your hips and stomach. This cute dress sports a long court train, and an empire waist – you may want to pair it with cute, flat sandals, for a whole beach look.

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This Slim A-Line Beach Wedding Dress is another great choice. The dress has a fitted silhouette, which is a good option for a tall and slender bride. With a flowy, ankle length skirt and rose accessory, the gown looks feminine and stylish, while keeping on the casual side, so much needed for a beach wedding. It’s also light – made of chiffon fabric. You should choose a messy, bed-head hairstyle, which you can accessorize with hair pins and small combs. You could wear some high heels with this dress – maybe a pair of silver, strappy sandals, as well as a big rose bouquet. If you feel like adding some color to your outfit, add some orange exotic flowers as the finishing touch.