6 Easy steps to Total Camera Control

6 Easy steps to Total Camera Control

Level – Fundamental introduction for Beginners 

Workshop Structure


You will be essentially taught how a photographer thinks. Our program encourages you to ask yourself six questions about setting the camera’s menu parameters before you take every shot.

Using our fast track “Learn by Doing” method you will become confident in repeating creative exposure techniques with easy and great success. Our two-day workshop is a complete immersion into your camera’s mechanics, and the direct relationship each plays in Photography. 

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The Method of Operation you will be practicing requires you to stop and assess every situation you photograph. The program is designed to make you ask yourself, “Have I supplied the camera with the six pieces of information it needs to produce consistently good quality images?”

Our workshops are very hands on; Rich will encourage you to have your camera in your hands all day instead of a notebook or any other device. Getting to know your camera and providing the fundamental information that only you – the photographer can provide is what gives you consistency in your images. All photographers share a common objective. We endeavor to develop a personal style that others recognise in our images. We do this by accurately reproducing elements within the composition and exposures of our images.

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Activities day 1

The first day of the program is theory. We focus on gaining a deeper understanding of:

  • Your digital camera and its many features, including the six things a photographer must set on his camera before taking an image.
  • Operating your camera in all its automated scene modes and manual exposure modes.
  • What menu on your camera will eventually allow you to develop your own creative style?
  • We will go over some basic photographic terminologies. This way we can communicate clearly when describing elements or characteristics of images during the workshop. 
  • Best camera practice with respect to maintaining your equipment. 
  • How digital images are captured and how to store your digital files.

Activities day 2

Field excursion to complete a photography brief

The second day is full of practical skill-based challenges designed to reinforce your understanding of how a photographer thinks about every image taken.

We arrive at the Mt Cootha Botanic gardens to complete a photography assignment. In our true workshop “Learn by Doing” style we will have open group decisions as we identify possible obstacles and creative exposure opportunities to be had as we work through the brief. There is no pressure or expectation to get through the brief without making mistakes.

Your mistakes are learning tools too, and they give you the perfect opportunity to run over the six steps in your method of operation to correct and improve the image. Most of all this is a fun day, and only as serious as you want it to be. We hope you will find an immense sense of accomplishment over the images you make on the day.