4 Things To Remember Shooting Your Next Wedding

4 Things To Remember Shooting Your Next Wedding

The wedding photographer is tasked with finding the best shots, and impressing the couple with some of the most memory rich photos they can. It is no easy job, but to do it right you may need to be bold.

A shy photographer is not going to be able to pull off the great shots simply because he or she will not put themselves into those places enough to find the desired images. Getting the shot means that you need to be proactive. Most moments are over as quickly as they began and if you are not there to get it, you have missed that moment.

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Shooting Your Next Wedding

Timing is everything when it comes to getting great wedding photos. You need to be thinking not in the now, but in the future so that you can get in the right position to get the shot that you want. However, while you do need to get into the right position, you also need to ensure that you are not intruding on the moment. This really is a fine line, disrupting the moment is not an option.

Here are some tips on being bold without being disruptive of the event.


  • Where is the bridal party moving to next?
  • Followed by, how can you get to the front where the couple will be arriving without being disruptive to the ceremony, the couple or their guests?

Mastering the skill to answer those two questions on the spot at every moment will ensure you get the images filled with genuine emotion. Lets face it. no one wants to see photos from behind the couple and moments that have just passed.

So be proactive and communicate with your couple before the wedding and know about the day’s agenda ahead of time.

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Move around several times during the ceremony, but make your moves when songs are changing or when a speech is over. You do not want to be moving around during the wedding’s quiet moments as this makes you more noticeable.

Change lenses between wide angle and telephoto zoom. This will make sure your images are varied in their look and style to create an interesting photo journal of the day or a dynamic album presentation.



In formal shots, you need to take charge, be sure you have a shot list with the names of the people required for the formal and family group shots. Always know what you are looking for in these shots and make them happen by directing people clearly and politely.

Before the wedding day have the bride and groom designate one of their guests to help you assemble and co-ordinate the formal shots. This person ideally will know the names of family members on both sides of the bride and groom. This makes the formal shots run smoothly and will allow the newly weds to relax instead of searching for people whose names are on their group shot list.

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Knowing when to be bold and when to be a sideliner is important. A wedding photographer should know when to not be visible or heard during those intimate moments of the wedding.

But during the formal and group shots it is very important to be bold to get the shots accomplished professionally in a time frame that doesn’t delay the wedding reception activities as planned.

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Returning the couple to their reception late will not have you held in good favour by their awaiting guests or the reception house staff. Running as little as 10 minutes late will upset the delivery of meals and other scheduled activities planned by the reception centre.

Impressing the reception house with your punctuality and professionalism is the best way to get ongoing referral work and get enquires for future work.